Day 10 - Peru Trip

Thursday, Jul. 12, 2007 at 2:26 p.m.

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Well, first off - Happy Birthday to me! And what a way to do it too. You know, I nearly did not go on this trip, just because I have become such a homebody - that the idea of spending my birthday without my family was nearly a paralyzing thought. And though I do miss them terribly tonight - I am just so happy I came. I have learned a tremendous amount about myself - and they can only benefit from that.

So today, we went to Killarumiyoq - the Temple of the Moon. Water flowed through the entire place, and it was just beautiful. On the way there - the chief stands up in the back of the bus and proclaims he has an announcement to make - and tells EVERYONE on the bus it is my birthday! So, they all broke into an impromptu "Happy Birthday" song, and I am quite sure my face turned beet red! (Over my minor sunburn!) But it was very fun! (And my sweet babies had already called me and sang it once, which was very special, and made my day!)

So, we were promised a "very short walk" to the temple today. I have noticed though, every time they say that, they should throw in "NOT" or "SIKE" behind it! So, we are driving there - and almost ALL the roads are dirt - well, a small rocky stream is cutting through the road. So, the driver lets us out... 45 minutes of hiking (not walking) later, we arrive at the temple - and the bus promptly pulls up too. Apparently he had "gone for it" and crossed the stream!

We had a lovely ceremony, our Shaman today was Don Martine - he is the Condor Shaman - a wonderful, sweet man (totally feared by some people) - And today (for my birthday) I actually got a picture with everyone from our bus in it!!

Today we received the Creator's Rites - there is a Quechua word for it that begins with a "T" - but that is all of it I remember. Anyway - Don Martine gave us these rites, and you can just see and feel the intensity in everything he does.

They say with these rites we are receiving - that we are receiving that which has always belonged to us. That they are planting seeds in the soil of our soul, that are ours to grow and nurture. I like that. This all just feels so right for me.

And I just realized I am so tired. So, I am going to try to sleep now! (I had a great birthday dinner with everyone here, too!) And I have lots more to say - but I will just have to say it tomorrow!

Good night!

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